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Author progress on Book #2

22 Feb 21 - Below is the Story board I used to finalize my manuscript. Each column, in each pane of the patio door window, represents a chapter in the book. The main plot and each sub-plot are represented by a "stickie" of a different color. This method is useful to track the progression of plot/subplots throughout each chapter of the manuscript. Writer's Tool #1 - The Story Board

30 Nov 2018 - Soon I will begin the process of finalizing the manuscript of my second book, yet untitled. This second book covers my father's life up to his teenage years. My father was born in Chicago's gritty Southside. To escape the hardships of depression era inner city life, he is sent to live with relatives in Mississippi, where he must adjust to a new family, rural life and overt racial segregation. This novel based upon real people and real events, portrays a uniquely African-American coming of age story.


I have run through several possible titles for my new manuscript. From Hard Scrabble Boys to Mississippi Boy to now Hezekiah's Journey. Do any of these titles resonate with you?

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