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Hezekiah's Journey Photos

Below are photos relevant to story of Hezekiah's Journey

OCTS-JPG - 1954.jpg

Oktibbeha County Training School (OCTS)

Class of  1954

This is the 1954 graduating class from the segregated high school in Starkville, MS.  Apparently, an enterprising member of the class photo staff changed the words from "Training School" to "High School" in this photo.

Note: Horace Holmes, Jr., 4th row, 5th from left.

Eliza Hunter

Eliza Hunter grave site at the Odd Fellows Cemetery (for African Americans) in Starkville, MS.


Airman Holmes

Airman 3rd Class Horace Holmes, Jr., at Air Force Boot Camp, San Antonio, TX.  Summer of 1954.

Eliza's boys - born in Chicago, raised in Mississippi.

Photo taken at Bayonet Golf Course, Monterey, CA - Jun, 2016

2016-06-17 14.35.26.jpg

Left to Right:

Richard E. Holmes, M.D.

George E. Holmes, Ph.D.

Horace Holmes, Jr., Ph. D. (Captain, US Air Force, retired)


Horace and Reather Holmes   ~ 2015

Evans Shine Parlor


Odd Fellows Cemetery, 

Starkville, MS

Buildings that once housed pool hall and Lux theatre

Lafayette St.

Starkville, MS

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