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Dec 2016

Reviewed by Gisela Dixon for Readers' Favorite

     I found Where Dew Drops Shine Bright to be absolutely fascinating, right from page one. Hearing actual first-person stories, albeit fictionalized, of growing up during the era of segregation and discrimination was inspiring, especially hearing how far the family comes through grit, determination, and respect for the values of education. The writing is crisp and engaging and kept me reading right from the first page to last. I also loved the collection of old family photographs that really bring the narrative to life.  Although this is a fictionalized memoir, the fact that the book is based on actual history makes it even more special. Overall, this is a great book that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in American history, and the issues of slavery, race, and discrimination that are an inherent part of it.

Reviewed by Geree McDermott for Readers' Favorite

    Throughout Where Dew Drops Shine Bright, Mr. Holmes so adeptly communicates the emotions of the characters that I could feel their fear, heartache, embarrassment, uncertainty, suspicion, and tenacity, and to read real life accounts of their actual experiences was disturbing and heartbreaking, as well as terrifying. I found myself tense and expectant while I read because I was worried about what would happen next.
     Reginald C. Holmes has written a magnificent historical fiction and for that reason I give Where Dew Drops Shine Bright: Dramatized Family History (Tall Cotton Rising) five stars.

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