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Meet the man of Tall Cotton Rising Series

Growing up in a military family we moved nine times across North America, Europe and Asia causing me to attend just as many different schools.  All-in-all, once you got the rhythm of things it was a pretty good lifestyle.  And what teenager would not enjoy running around places like: Venice, Rome, Naples, Munich, Madrid or London with his family and friends?  I certainly enjoyed it!


Writing has become a cathartic experience for me. I had been told since a teen that I have a knack for writing.  I never paid much attention to those accolades.  I was either pre-occupied with trying to fly jets or trying to become a multi-millionaire before I turned thirty.  Well, neither of those aspirations worked out.  No worries though, I now get queasy on airplanes and I am still working on that first million.  That’s when the writing bug bit me.  Don’t ask me why or how. . . it just happened.  So now, turning my newfound passion for writing into a fulfilling career as a novelist is one of my new goals.  


As a youngster, my parents’ vivid recollections about growing up in Mississippi during the heyday of Jim Crow often enthralled my brothers and me.  Many of their stories filled us with anger; other stories inspired us towards high achievement, and more than a few brought tears to our eyes from laughing too hard.  For posterity and family history, I am compelled to share these stories with the world. And I do so with great pride.  As a writer, I am constantly educating myself with new ideas and challenging myself with different writing techniques. I love learning more about my readers, and would love to hear more about you, your tastes, and what you’d like me to write next.


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