Meet the man of Tall Cotton Literary

Writing has always been a hobby and cathartic experience for me. Turning my passion into a fulfilling career as a professional Author has been one of my greatest life achievements.  As a youngster, my parents vivid recollections  about growing up in Mississippi during the heyday of Jim Crow often enthralled my brothers and I.  Many of their stories filled us with anger, other stories inspired us towards high achievement and more than a few brought tears to our eyes from laughing too hard.  For prosperity and family history, I am compelled to share these stories with the world. And, I do so with great pride.  In recent years I have dedicated a good portion of my free time to research, interview, writing and publishing my first book, 'Where Dew Drops Shine Bright', the first in the Tall Cotton Rising series.  The second book I plan to have  published by Christmas 2017.  As a writer, I am constantly educating myself with new ideas and challenging myself with different writing techniques. I love learning more about my readers, and would love to hear more about yourself, your tastes, and what you’d like me to write next.


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